Like most film maker stories, it started with a VHS tape recorder and a very supportive family. Now, I am an independent producer and Director. In 2007, I worked as a director and producer at TV20 in Gainesville Florida. Not satisfied with the film scene there, I then took a job with Fox News in Orlando. While in Orlando, I started using my storytelling skills to make documentaries. Eventually, I moved down to South Florida where I joined the board of directors for the Society of Professional Journalists and started working with Eye on South Florida news. At Eye on South Florida, I was given free range on the stories I wanted to tell and developed my own style of documentary film making for the news. In addition, I directed my own cooking show for the CW. ┬áMost recently, I have gotten serious about narrative storytelling and have finished a short film called “The Fallen” that is now on Amazon. Currently, I am shopping my films to festivals, while trying to get two features out of development and into production.
Specialties: Documentaries, Movies, News, editing, writing, VNR, HDCAM, DVD Studio Pro, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, FTP, Nanoflash workflows, and on site editing.

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  1. james jones says:

    Did you just reach out to me via text? The text said “Hi, I got your details of Mandy/filmandtvpro for the position of Editor after some consderation, I will{sic} like you to work with me on a production. Kindly send me your recent resume, availability and sample of your recenct job(link) to my email (gabrieltynermediaproductions@gmail.com) and I will get back to you with the full job details. Your prompt response will be highly appreciated.” If you did send this, you can see my resume and link to all my work there as well as my contact info. If you didn’t send this, then let me know. thanks.

  2. Andrew says:

    Hi I am a future filmmaker, I was wodering are you currently looking for help or workers? I have some PA experience Id love to help out on set if possible.

  3. Nick Palmer says:


    I’m just double-checking that I’m communicating with the same Gabriel Tyner here as I am via email, text. If so, I’ll have a reply to your email shortly.

    Regarding your email from today: since you are asking for actual notation, as opposed to recordings, you clearly have live performers in mind. Are you working with a music organization there that will perform the scores?

    Many thanks,

    Nick Palmer

  4. Hi Gabriel,

    Here is the info you requested.

    Gregory Pearce
    64 Ridgeland Avenue
    South Portland, Maine 04106

    Personal references are:

    Eva Fitzgerald
    Brian Durkin

  5. Greg Bennett says:

    I was recently texted by someone claiming to be Gabriel Tyner I am a film scoring professional in this person wanted to engage me in working for Gabriel Tyner and I believe this may be a hoax as they are starting to talk about upfront payments which I’m not comfortable with if you want to ditional information give me a call Greg Bennett 847-373-4734 the email address that they have used is Gabriel Tyner mediapro one at gmail.com an FYI for you hope all is well otherwise. Their text number area code is located in the Oakland California area

  6. Kent Marcum says:

    Could you please email me at the address below. Thanks you

  7. Becky says:


    Just wanted to let you know there is a scam using your name. I think a fake mandy.com job was posted using your information. I was fake hired for a job from “you.” I was even sent a check that was fraudulent. I don’t know if this can hurt you in any way, just thought you should know. If you want more info, or for me to forward the emails I was sent from this guy pretending to be you, I’d be happy to. I also finally googled his number and apparently other people have been contacted with this same scam. I have now reported this scam as well. Hope this doesn’t affect you in any way.

  8. Ali says:

    Mr Gabriel I saw your comment on my post at the fugral film maker.
    I am actually finding a producer for my short film.
    A guy who can help me with the funds needed for production.
    I can share the synopsis.
    I believe that the story is good enough to excel at film festivals.
    Please inform me if you feel interested.
    Thank you

    • admin says:

      Awesome, thanks for posting, but didn’t you say you were looking for an executive producer, not just a producer. Blessings!

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